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               Deidre Green
    CEO/ Carrier Coordinator

The Owner

My Hometown

Truck Life

Hello my name is Deidre Green and I would like to introduce my self to the trucking world today. My journey and love for trucking began many years ago when I was a child. I grew up in a small town in south Georgia by the name of Thomasville Ga. "The City of Roses". My father, the late Jerome Green Sr. drove Semi trucks for most of his life and was the catalyst that propelled me in the Industry today. He had driven for over 38 yrs in the industry and had fulfilled many roles as a company driver,  new hire driver trainer, and owner operator in his later years. He  represented many carriers across the nation over his lifetime. He taught me  most of everything I know that pertains to logistics and carrier operations. My dad was the foundation for my interest to pursue additional training and further my knowledge on my own in the industry.

My father served this country as a proud soldier in the army and he had so much love for this country, the trucking community, and his fellow trucker friends. I remember the countless discussions about logistics over dinner many nights and when he spoke about "trucking" I  seen within him an inner light glowing. His heart was filled with so much joy. He truly enjoyed it. That's  why I have grown to love logistics so much today. My father was my human database always up to date  with the latest information in regards to every aspect of trucking. If I needed answers he was always there and willing to assist. Trucking has to be in your blood and it is definitely in mine.


Dad 's spirit will forever live through me and everything I do. We will value every driver, carrier, shipper, and broker relationship out there."Every aspect of trucking is important and should be respected". You Must have a love for people to be in this game. This business is in honor of my father and my angel. Jerome Green Sr. 06-24-16 God First 10-4

 My Core Values

My Awesome Dad

This is my father Jerome Green Sr. You are now riding them 18 wheels heaven bound now dad. You are my angel. We will forever love you. Your love for trucking and your legacy will never die... His handle was (Hammer) 10-4 In God We Trust.

With GOD All Things Are Possible If Only You Believe....#Live #Laugh #Love

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