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Freight Broker Training Program

Freight Broker Guides Are Available Now!
Instructor: Deidre Green


***This Program is designed for all who are interested in pursuing a new career as a Freight Broker or Freight Broker Agent. We have created a step by step online course study guide that will give you the tools needed to start your own successful logistics business***


What you will learn in this interactive study module is the following:

  • Legal Structure

  • Licensing Requirements

  • Daily Operations

  • Carrier Relations

  • Shippers

  • Types of Trucks and Equipment

  • Freight Sales Techniques

  • Negotiating a rate

  • Moving a load

  • And much more....

There are NO Refunds in this  freight brokering  program. So please make sure that this is what you truly want to do before investing. I would encourage you to do your research to see if you are cut out to do this type of work efficiently. If you have any questions please schedule a time to speak with me one on one before proceeding to the course and I will see if this is the right path for you. Remember anything worth having in life requires hard work and for you to be dedicated to reaching your goals! Nothing in  this life is just given to us.  If you are  hungry for success I will meet you on the other side.

We Accept these forms of payments:

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