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Owner Operators


Are you having troubles collecting on your invoices? If you don't want to wait up to 15-45 days to get paid we have just the answer for you!


DGTSS Logistics Network have factoring options in our database that will assist you with all of your account receivable needs. We will provide our clients the best rates!

Factoring Benefits:


  • Free Online Freight Broker Credit Checks

  • Fuel Cards and Fuel Advances available

  • Fund On Copies Submitted – No Originals

  • No long term contracts

  • No Hidden Fees - No Minimum Invoice Fees

  • No Need to Factor All Accounts or All Invoices

  • We accept newly formed businesses - No Financials Needed

  • Online Reporting - Simple Low Rates

  • Industry specialization allows us to offer higher advance rates


Do you desire to have access to higher paying freight? DG Transport Staffing Solutions LN has an extensive network of brokers available to you if you are in need of  assistance in finding loads and back hauls. We have freight options nationwide.



Stop taking that cheap freight! Give us a call Today!!! 

Services we provide:

  • Load finder agreement

  • Long-term & Short-term projects

  • Factoring Options- (AR)

  • Lenders/equipment financing

  • Broker Network

  • Dispatcher Network

  • Legal representation from our network of attorneys

  • Fuel Savings

  • Tire discounts

  • Maintenance discounts

  • Breakdown Service

  • Credit Repair

  • Lease Purchase options

  • Tax Assistance

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