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Dispatch Training Program

Dispatch Training Guide & Consulting  Program

Course Administrator: Deidre Green
         Affordable Options Available


***This training guide is a comprehensive course that will aid you in building your very own dispatch business***

What does a dispatcher for a trucking  company do?

Truck dispatchers are the people behind the scenes who ensure that motor carriers have cargo to carry and stick to their appointed arrival times and destinations. Dispatchers are the backbone of the trucking industry, helping the motor carriers concentrate on routes and roadways and to safely deliver their cargoes nationwide.

Ideally, dispatchers should:


  • Be sociable people

  • Like using computer tools

  • Be comfortable with staying seated at a station eight hours a day, five days a week

  • Have strong decision-making skills

  • Be able to multi-task

  • Have an interest in the trucking industry

  • Understand that networking with people in the industry is very important

  • Stay on top of educating yourself about the industry

If you like the idea of making sure that a trucking operation is well run, you may want to consider taking dispatcher training.


*Note* Please make sure and research if  this is the right program for you because there are NO REFUNDS for the courses offered. Thank You!


We Accept The Following Forms Of Payment:

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